Environmentally Safe Descaling and Rust Removal Concentrate

Made in the USA

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Rouster-Chem is a division of the family-owned IPLAS company and we are located in the Hill Country area of Central Texas. Our mission is to eliminate or minimize the need for harsh chemicals and solvents in the everyday pursuit of removing scale and other buildups from water transporting pipes, hoses, tubing, pumps, valves, and containers. Rouster-Chem was developed as a safe, effective, natural alternative to the commonly used harsh, toxic chemical descaler solutions.

Our proprietary formula utilizes ingredients from nature along with food extract products and natural surfactants to create an effective descaling concentrate that is friendly to the environment and safe for humans, even those with sensitive skin conditions.

Rouster-Chem is also effective on soap scum, hard water spots and stains, rust, and grease spots. It cleans and freshens kitchen and bathroom sinks and fixtures, coffee makers, water coolers and heaters, and has a variety of other household, commercial, and industrial uses.

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