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Water scale deposits are the major cause of heat transfer loss, which in turn increases energy costs and reduces equipment life. Here are some ways to use Rouster-Chem to remove scale and mineral buildup.

Water Heater Sediment

Circulation Through Waterlines

Soak In Solution

Pail Pump Equipment

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Waterline Descaling

For small projects a 5 gallon pail with submersible pump can be used to circulate 4:1 Rouster-Chem solution through waterlines, hot water tanks, or other paths.

For larger projects a portable 15 gallon (or larger) system with external pump can be used to circulate 4:1 Rouster-Chem solution through waterlines, heat exchangers, plastic injection molds, or other paths.


Circulating Tank
Water Heater Sediment

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First, turn off power, then drain heater tank using water hose connected to drain valve.

Then remove the hose from the drain valve and connect the swivel hose connector from a stand pipe unit (see photo). Pour Rouster Chem 4:1 solution into top of stand pipe funnel and allow to sit in tank for 60 minutes. Then open gate valve to allow scale to flow out. Repeat until water is clean.

Stand Pipe Unit

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Pail Soak Example

For hand tools or other small loose items, simply place in a container and cover with a Rouster-Chem solution of 1 part RC with 2 parts water. Cover with lid to minimize evaporation. Allow to soak for up to 48 hours. Remove, rinse, and buff with rough cloth or plastic scrubber pad. Coat lightly with oil to preserve finish.


Circulation System